Newlywed Needs

Newlywed Mother’s Day: Moms & Mother In Laws

Hopefully wedding planning and newlywed life has improved your relationship with your mother as you now share even more life events in common.  Newlywed life has also provided you with another mother to honor on Mother’s Day, your Mother-In-Law.  Below are a few tips for incorporating your Mother-in-Law into the...

Newlywed Name Change & Passports: Answers to the 3 Most Common Questions

As you newlyweds head off for your fabulous honeymoons, heads up: the State Department updated all three passport forms. What does this mean? If you’ve pre-completed the DS-5504, DS-11 or DS-82, you will need to find the latest forms and fill them out again. *If you’re a name change...

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