SnapKnot: The Free Way to Find Your Perfect Photographer

Photos are becoming increasingly important in our lives (Facebook much?). Wedding photos and finding the photographer that captures your big day are honestly one of the most important parts of wedding planning. Brides don’t want to settle for the “standard” group and family portraits. We want artistic pictures of intimate...

Top 5 Honeymoon Travel Tips For Brides

In the passport of life, marriage and name change are two very big stamps! On your actual passport, you’ll get a stamp for your honeymoon (should you travel outside the U.S.) but the name on that passport can cause problems if you aren’t prepared.  Read on for our Top 5...

How the Government Shut Down Affects Your Married Name Change

If you’ve turned on the news or radio, the media is awash with the negative impacts of the U.S. government shutdown. An angle they haven’t covered is how the shutdown affects married name change. Heads up ladies! If you are in the midst of filing for your new Social Security...

DIY Wedding Shoe Inspiration

How fun would it be to show the entire church your new married name via your shoes? Your wedding day does establish you and your spouse as a family, and 88.6% of the time it leads to a new last name. If you are considering changing your maiden name to your married name, check out the easy online name change service!

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