Newlyweds: Finding a Healthy Balance

Newlywed Keeping In TouchNewlyweds love spending time with each other EVERY chance they get and sometimes they are so caught up in the newlywed bliss that they forget to keep in touch with their friends and family.  We’ve all done it a time or two, who could blame us: with work, working out, keeping up with our favorite hobbies and TV shows, not to mention the chores at home and let’s not forget cuddle time!  It’s easy to set your relationships with family members and friendships to the side because you’re so consumed with your new life, but remember the people who love you.  Some of them may not understand what’s going on (because they’re still single or they’ve been married for years so the ‘newlywed stage’ has long passed).  It’s expected that for a few weeks, maybe even months that you and your spouse will be starting your new life together.   During that time you’ll both be getting used to living together (if you haven’t before), going through the dreaded married name-change process, joining bank accounts, even buying a house and moving—simply put, you’re taking care of your business with the idea in mind that as soon as you’re finished you’ll start keeping in touch and hanging out with friends and family again.  By that time you may have already offended your friends and may find that not everyone is ok with picking up where you left off a few months ago.  Some may even demand an explanation as to why you’ve been a bad friend!

Here’s a few tips on how to juggle your time when your new married life begins (after the Honeymoon) so you can avoid hurting your friends and family.

Call your parents at least once per week. Your parents love you more than anything in the world and just want to know what’s going on in your life (especially after you’ve left the nest, think of your poor Mother)!  Even if 10-15 minutes is all the time you can spare, just call them and let them know how everything is going.  You can even ask them advice (if you need it) and may learn a thing or two (after all, they’ve been married and could offer you valuable tips on how to navigate through the transition of new married life).

Make time for family. Not all families live in the same town or even the same state anymore, so it’s not always possible to make it to Sunday Dinner with your entire family.  If you do live near your parents or in-laws (and come from a close-nit family) they will most-likely expect to see you more often.  Try your best to visit them at least once per month (together as a couple)–you could save time by inviting both sets of parents to your place for dinner.  They will adore seeing you as a hostess/host of a dinner party and you get to use some of the new kitchenware that you received as wedding gifts!  If you live out-of-town try to plan a weekend visit every 2-3 months (or as your schedule permits) to catch up with those you love most!

Don’t forget your friends! They’ve been there for you through every up and down in your life–relationships, drunken nights, arguments with your boyfriend/girlfriend, failed exams, your engagement, graduation, job promotion, wedding planning, etc.  Some of them may have even put up with your Bridezilla moments, so don’t allow yourself to neglect your friendships!  After all, eventually you and your spouse will have your first fight as a married couple…and who will you call if you haven’t kept in touch with friends or family?  We get it!  You and your spouse are totally in-love and want to be together every second of everyday, but you should make time for yourselves too.  Everyone needs ME time to do whatever makes them happy, so call up your best friend and make plans to go shopping, out to dinner, to the gym, out dancing, or for drinks.  Believe me, your man loves spending time with you, but will also appreciate time with his buddies for poker night, happy hour, to play video games, to play golf, etc.

So, bottom line; pick up the phone and make plans with your friends and family to lead a more balanced and healthy married life!

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