9 Ways to Have a Happy Wife Starting Right Now
Happy Newlywed Couple So you’re settling into your happily ever after role of Prince Charming (aka husband).  While most princes have Disney to script all the right things to do, initially, it might be a little daunting to realize that you now have a wife and that you play a huge role in her happiness.  Here are nine simple ways to make your wife happy today.
  1. Buy her a just-because card.  A romantic or steamy card costs less than $3 and will brighten your wife’s whole day.  She will also probably keep it forever!
  2. Do a chore you know your wife hates doing without telling her.  When she pulls into the driveway and sees the recycling bins already at the curb you’ll be a hero.
  3. Pour her a bubble bath and light a few candles.  There is simply nothing better than coming home to such a thoughtful and pampering gesture.
  4. Surprise her with breakfast in bed.  Worried about your cooking skills?  Zip out for pastries and coffee before she wakes up .
  5. Brag about what a great wife she is, in front of her.  She may be a bit embarrassed at the time, but you’ll show her how happy you are to be her husband.
  6. Keep a secret stash of your wife’s favorite candy.  The next time she wishes for M&Ms, you can instantly grant her wish!
  7. If you’re going out to eat with a buddy, bring something back for your wife.  It could be her favorite appetizer or a mini dessert.  You’ll get the green light to go out more often after this one!
  8. Do something nice for her family.  Send her mom flowers, rake their yard or help her brother with his car.  Your acts of kindness will warm her heart and score you son-in-law points to boot.
  9. Tell your wife something you love about her every day.  They all don’t have to be romantic.  You may love how well she balances the checkbook or loads the dishwasher…just tell her.  These little compliments go a very long way to making your wife feel loved and appreciated.

As you start to follow a few of our suggestions, you’ll see how easy it is to make a woman smile.  The thought behind the act is always appreciated and usually reciprocated.  Remember, a happy wife equals a happy life! Ladies, if your husband has done something great for your lately we’d love to hear about it.  Please leave us a comment!

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  1. kat

    Recently Chris went out of town with his side of the family. I couldn’t make it on the trip, but he called to tell me that they all felt like a member of their family was missing. It was so sweet to hear that they all think of me as family already (we’re getting married in sept!)


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