5 Signs Your Newlywed Husband is in a Bromance

Newlywed Bromance IssueDoes your husband have a guy friend that he is unusually close to?  He’s always talking to him or about him and reminiscing about times they’ve had together—if so, it is very likely that you’re man is part of a bromance!  Some of you may be thinking, a what?!  Urban Dictionary’s definition of a Bromance is a close relationship between two males to such a point where they seem like a couple.  They are more common today than ever before due to the growing number of men (and women) waiting longer to get married—and staying single.  Bromances are typically between 2 heterosexual males who have known each other for a long time (since childhood or college) and may even share a bond like brothers often do.  You may recognize some of the following celebrity bromances: Brad Pitt and George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, P. Diddy and Notorious B.I.G. (in the early 90’s).  Most guys tend to have at least one best friend or co-worker they really enjoy hanging out with/being around, so there’s no need to get upset or feel jealous.  Although, these negative feelings are understandable if your spouse does any of the following:

5 signs your man is part of a bromance:

  1. He talks to his bro more often than he talks to you or anyone else and they have so many inside jokes that to you it sounds like they’re speaking a different language.
  2. He tells you (and anyone else who will listen) the story about that “one time…” over and over again!
  3. He tells you that he’s going to run your thoughts/ideas on a big life decision (i.e. buying a house, changing your career or starting a family) by his friend to see if HE thinks it’s a good idea.
  4. He spends more time/effort making plans for his man date than he does planning a date night for the two of you.
  5. He tries to include his friend in any plans you’ve made including: dinner dates, concerts, cocktail parties, vacations, etc.

If any of the above mentioned signs struck a cord with you, you’re not alone!  Hey ladies, you may have a girlfriend, sister or co-worker you enjoy being with too—so try not to judge!  However, in all seriousness if your man is focused more on his bromance than on romancing you it could cause some bumps in your marriage.  It is best to sit down with your husband and communicate with him about how you feel in this situation.  Allow him to explain to you why his buddy means so much to him (if you don’t already know the reason(s)).  After all, it’s sweet that a he feels so strongly about his friendship and shows how loyal and sensitive he can be.  Perhaps he just needs to be reminded that the two of you are in a union and need to spend quality time together—alone!  Here is an article by MidDay.com about Bromances and how both men and women should deal with them.

So tell us ladies, has your husband brought his man crush along to your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner date or something worse?  Come on, we know you have stories of a Bromance between your spouse and his BFF, so please don’t keep them inside…share them with us and other readers!

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