August 2010

Newlywed in the Kitchen

Cooking together can be romantic and completely delicious. Select a recipe, turn on some music, open a bottle of wine and then start cooking! One of you can make the salad or sides while the other focuses on the main dish. You may end up making dinner and making out…and who could ask for more than that?!

Insuring Your New Life Together: A Quick Primer

Take a moment to think about all the differences marriage brings about: a bigger home, most likely, another vehicle, and eventually children – all of these factors should be considered when planning your future as a couple. Thus, one of the most important things you and your spouse can do is to insure your life together by considering different types of insurance available on the market.

Brides Against Breast Cancer: Newlyweds Show Support

Having the option to donate your dress to another bride while helping to create a memorable event for a stage IV breast cancer patient is definitely worth considering, and gives you the satisfaction knowing that you have made a decision to not only help someone else, but to help fulfill their dream wedding day!

New Wife, New Life: New Wardrobe?

The saying goes, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover;” but we know that unfortunately it can be hard not to! I'm suggesting that it might be time to donate some of your go-to t-shirts such as: your FBI (Female Body Inspector) t-shirt, your I heart Atari t-shirt and your VANS sneakers to a teenage boy in need of your old wardrobe. While these items are a token of your youth, they don’t exactly spell-out mature, sophisticated, married man.

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