4 Secrets to Wedding Attire Transformations

Newlywed Wedding Wardrobe AccessoriesAfter attending so many wedding this past year, I sure have stocked up on my fair share of dresses, and with each new invitation that comes in the mail it’s just one more good excuse to go shopping for another one, right?  Not necessarily!  When I’m out dress shopping, I always find myself going after the same color schemes (mostly black of course), and I am now bored with it!  So now that I’ve discovered my lack of versatility I have recently found new, less expensive ways to spend my money, and a new love for accessories!  Instead of trying to cram another dress in my closet, I am stocking on up on accessories to create a new look out of my ‘old’ dresses.  So if you’re like me and have a few upcoming weddings where you may be running into the same groups of friends, here are some ideas for transforming you wedding attire into a completely new look.

So let’s start from the bottom, up! First things first, and that is shoe accenting! If you’re looking to re-create the look of your little black dress, instead of your black pumps, go bold and look for a pattern! Once you have found something to give you a few additional accent color options, choose a color from the shoes and find a belt to match! If you’re going for a sleeker, more elegant look you will want to go for the skinny belts. If the wedding is more casual or even outdoors you may want to try a wide belt. 

Next you will want to find a clutch . If your belt is accented with jewels, studs, or has a bow or flower closure, try finding a purse with the same accent—this belt, clutch combo will also will be a perfect closure and help spice up a pair of jeans and a cami for a dinner date night! Check out ELLE, they offer some great accessory ideas.

Onto the jewels! If you wore silver last time you rocked that dress, switch to gold, and maybe even add some color! Choose a color from your shoes, or even match the color of you belt, and look for a bracelet and some earrings to bring everything together.  Check out

Next… hair up or hair down?  This is also going to depend on the date and time of the wedding. If you generally wear your hair down, choose a partial or full up-do this time, if you have some wave to your hair, straighten it. You will be surprised how your entire look can change depending on how you choose to wear your hair.  If you went with a smaller pair of earrings, add some accent to your hair with a flower hair pin or headband.  Some of my fav hair style ideas to share with you are on InStyle.com.

I hope this has given you some inspiration and ideas to see how creative you can be when choosing what to wear to the next wedding you attend. For some amazingly priced accessories, consider checking out: gojane.com. We’d love to hear how you’ve revamped your wedding wardrobe with our ideas or your own, so please leave us a comment!

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