Fido Right After “I Do”?

Newlyweds with DogAs you settle into married life and become truly comfortable with your mate, you may start wondering if you should add to your family.  Many newlywed couples run right out after the wedding and get a puppy together.  For some it’s the best (well second best) decision they ever made, but for others pet ownership brings more responsibility than they bargained for.  Eager to hear the pitter patter of little paws?  Read on before making a decision that will affect the next 10-15 years of your life.

How Much Do You Travel?

If you and your partner travel for business constantly or end up spending many weekends away from home, you might want to postpone your trip to the breeder or Humane Society.  A puppy of any kind requires scheduled walks, house training and hours off exercise to burn off all of their excess energy.  It would be unfair to add a dog to your family if you’re not home enough to give him/her the proper attention.  If you can’t wait until your schedules settle down to get a pet, consider a kitten.  They’re much lower maintenance and still provide a great deal of love and cuddling.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Are you part of the married jet set?  Constantly attending out of town parties and going on last minute vacations?  Unless you want to hire a dog sitter and dog walker every time you aren’t going to be home or come home to a unhappy puppy and totally wrecked house, you might need to put purchasing a pooch on hold.  If you’re dying to get a dog, try to enjoy other people’s pets in the absence of your own.  You could even volunteer at a local shelter, but beware of bringing multiple pets home!

Think About Your Housing

 Do you live in an apartment or rental house?  Your landlord might not appreciate an unannounced addition to your home.  Should you need to find a new place to live, having a dog severely limits your rental housing options.  If you live in a small condo, you need to decide if your puppy will have enough room.  Even home owners have many questions to answer before bringing home a dog.  Will it stay indoors, should the yard be fenced or should a doggie door be invested in?

Select the Right Pet For You

 So you read the last three sections and know that you are ready for a dog.  Congratulations!  Take some time to discuss what you and your partner want in this pet.  Do you want a cuddle buddy and he wants a guard for your home?  Your perfect dog is out there, so try taking this quiz that matches people with pets based on criteria such as yard size, shedding, exercise habits, etc.  Once you know the best type(s) of dog for you two, you can begin the fantastic journey of finding a puppy and making it part of your family.

Pets are such a wonderful part of life, but they are a big responsibility.  Do you have any stories of being a newlywed with a new puppy?  Did you fight over the name or breed of dog?  Did he “surprise you” with a puppy for Christmas?  We’d love to hear the good, bad and ugly….so leave us a comment!

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