New Wife, New Life: New Wardrobe?

Immature Shirts On Married MenThe saying goes, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover;” but we know that unfortunately it can be hard not to! I was recently hanging clean laundry up in our walk-in closet, when I realized that some of my husband’s clothes looked seriously faded and old.  I thought to myself, “He is in desperate need of new shirts!”  I bet if you took a look at what you’re wearing right now or thought about what you enjoy wearing, you too could find a good excuse for some new attire.  It’s a fact, men do not like to go shopping like women do; which is fine, but there comes a time when you NEED to purchase yourself some new stuff—and I’m not referring to electronics or the latest video game (nice try though)!  After work or on the weekends, you have your go-to outfits of t-shirts and jeans or maybe a pair of sweat pants or mesh shorts that you choose to wear as often as possible.  Chances are that you have a specific dress code required for work, whether it’s a suit and tie or uniform of some sort; which means that the last thing you want is a “uniform” or “dress code” for your home life.  That’s not what I’m alluding to here at all, so no need to worry!  I am, however; suggesting that it might be time to donate some of your go-to t-shirts such as:  your FBI (Female Body Inspector) t-shirt, your I heart Atari t-shirt and your VANS sneakers to a teenage boy in need of your old wardrobe. While these items are a token of your youth, they don’t exactly spell-out mature, sophisticated, married man.

If you can’t imagine getting rid of your favorite childhood t-shirts [that somehow miraculously still fit you], then perhaps you should limit how often you wear them (i.e. wear them only to bed, to the gym,  or better yet, put them away for when you have a son someday).  Your wife loves you and has vowed to love you “til death do you part,” so she’ll no doubt still love you in your Superman t-shirt and jeans—but do her a favor and put on a nice button down shirt, polo or sweater when her family or friends stop by—she’ll greatly appreciate your effort! And if you don’t, you may find that your favorite t-shirt has mysteriously disappeared.  Gentlemen, please do your ladies a favor and get shopping!   Check out your local Outlets for bargain prices on your favorite brands.  Women LOVE shopping, so I’m sure your wife will have no problem being your Personal Shopper—just say the word and fork over the credit card!

What is/was your favorite piece of clothing to wear (i.e. t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc.)?  What does/did it say and why is/was it your favorite?  Share your stories of Batman Boxers or Thunder Cats sweatshirts that your wife had no choice, but to hide from you!  Please leave your comments below and enjoy a laugh with us!

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