October 2010

In Season Wedding Flowers: Best Kept Secret of Savvy Brides

All brides typically try to be budget concious in some way...since the more you save on your wedding, the more can be spent on your honeymoon or first house together! Choosing flowers that grow in the season that you are getting married in, can be a great way to cut your florist bill without diminishing the dramatic decorating effect flowers have on your affair.

Breast Cancer Awareness: In’s & Outs

There are so many ways you can show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness this month. Even if you’re just rockin’ your pink wardrobe this October, flash it and flaunt it ladies, and show your support! Early detection can significantly increase your chances of surviving Breast Cancer and knowing some easy life-style tips that can prevent it are a great place to start! So, what’s your plan of action?

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