How to Convince Your Wife That She Needs a New Gadget

As women, we don’t always see why your new $200+ gadget is a good idea, much like you don’t understand our Victoria’s Secret bill at the end of the month (oh, fine it’s not the same thing!). Once she has a better understanding of how this new gadget fits into both your lives (and relates to her interests/hobbies), she will be more susceptible to the idea of purchasing the said item!

Newlywed Love Is Art

Looking at a picture that captured one of your happiest moments together as a couple can instantly transport you back to that day and all the emotions you were feeling: love, excitement, anticipation and even nerves. Filling your brain with a beautiful image and the emotions that go with it is a great way to ensure that you carry positivity with you each day in your newlywed relationship. Think about it, it’s really hard to be mad at your spouse for forgetting to take out the trash when you look at them as the amazing person you walked down the aisle with!

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