Newlyweds: Good Habits Are Hard To Break!

Newlywed BreakfastJust as we have all figured out about one thing or another in life, bad habits are hard to break! Fortunately- good ones are too! There are, naturally, many different changes that take place once you’re married… your daily routines adapt to one another’s routine, your sleeping pattern alters, your eating habits, your interaction and communication conforms to one another’s, and so on… So start newlywed life off on the right foot! Get into the ‘good’ habits with your spouse as you step into the married world, so that you’re more likely to continue following in each other’s positive nature, thirty years down the road! Here are a few ideas for you to think about, while deciding what is important in your marriage, and to help you recognize what your good habits are with your spouse!

-Kissing each other hello and goodbye (of course) but also kiss for no reason! What better, more simplistic way of showing each other the love and affection you have for them. Remember, it’s the little things that mean so much!

- Keeping communication open and honest between you and your spouse is one of the more important good habits to get into. This is something that will be important in your relationship for life!

-Resolve disagreements through discussion with an open mind. It’ s never good to continue an argument for any length of time, so talking things out with one another, and not walking away mad is key!

-Taking time for you. It’s important to spend time together and it’s just as important to spend time doing something for you! If your spouse is glued to the TV and you have absolutely no interest in Survivor Man, then grab a book, and read next to him (then you’re both happy).

-If you and your spouse have children, and have a designated “date” night with just the two of you, stick to it! It’s important to remember that time alone is one key to a good marriage.

Remember to spend time with your friends whether it be dinner and drinks or a day of shopping… it’s important not to lose touch!

-Do things together; such as sit down for breakfast in the morning or make dinner together at night, go to church on the weekends, visit your families on a regular basis…whatever it may be, keeping a variety of positive activities in your life helps to bring you closer as a couple!

What are some of the good habits that you and your spouse share that are important in your marriage? We’d love for you to share in a comment!

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