Summer In February

Summer NewlywedYou’ve heard of Christmas in July right? Well, what about a summer day in February?  As a massive  storm spread snow across the Northern half of the United States, I think we could all use a way to channel summertime. Here are a few ideas to help you create your own summer day in February.

Simulate a Beach Day – Crank your thermostat, break out the coconut scented sunscreen and blast some beach tunes. It might sound crazy, but you’ll feel much better after you’ve broken out a sundress and danced around the living room with your hubby.

Buy a Bikini – Now’s the time to score a great new swim suit before all the stores are picked over.  You’ll feel that much closer to summer as you look through different styles and prints. I recommend shopping online to minimize the fluorescent light shock that can happen in dressing rooms.  If the concept of trying on a swimsuit makes you squirm, consider finding a great new beach bag or cover-up.

Break Out the Blender- Whip up a Tropical Smoothie or a boozy beach beverage such as a Pineapple Daiquiri or a Mango Margarita. You’ll be in vacation mode in no time, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Host a Luau – Invite a few friends over to beat the winter blues with a Hawaiian themed dinner party.  Here are a few appetizer ideas to get you started on the endeavor.  You can also purchase a few inexpensive accessories such as grass skirts and leis to amp the fun level for your guests.

Read a Book – Pick up a book with a storyline set in the tropics or based on a summertime adventure.  The Beach House, Summer Island or The Beach Book (which is even water proof) are great reads to put you a summertime mindset.

Whatever you choose to do, indulging in a summery activity in the middle of Winter can do nothing but boost your spirits and put you one step closer to warm weather.

Have you come up with any summer fun ideas to try out this February?  We’d love for you to tell us all about them in a comment.

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