Newlywed Rainy Day Fashion 411

Rainy Day Fashion IdeasWith March comes the promise of Spring and usually a great deal of rain.  Instead of letting the precipitation depress you, use the rain as an excuse to indulge in some cute accessories and outerwear! Here are a few of our rainy day favorites:

Cute boots- Every girl needs to keep her feet dry, so why settle for a boring pair of goulashes?  Try a super cute pair of rubber boots or even up the ante for a designer pair like these.

Umbrellas – Rihanna sang an entire song about these marvelous inventions and now you can own a silver and pink one with her lyrics on it!  Not so into lyrical umbrellas?  Then show off your personality with a mod monogrammed version.

Raincoats – What better excuse to purchase a new coat than the rainy beginning of Spring?  This is the ultimate classic trench that will work over all of your business attire and still look fresh over an Easter dress.  You can also keep dry and cozy with a floral number that reminds everyone around you of the benefit of all the rain…flowers!

Rain bonnets – Okay, so maybe only your grandma owns a rain bonnet, but it’s not the worst idea to have an emergency one to pull out of your purse during a surprise storm (as long as you don’t know anybody around you).

Hats - Great for keeping your head dry and disguising all the frizz that comes with high humidity. Here’s a fashionable, yet functional rain hat that won’t break the bank or get you laughed out of the office.  Feeling funky?  Try this retro 20’s hat to add some color and fun to a gray day.

What are your favorite Spring accessories?  Do you have a great rain-related outfit to tell us about? Please leave a comment.

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