Ahh, Never a Dull Newlywed Moment!

Newlywed Suprise ChoresSo you fell in love with your spouse for so many different reasons, and at this point you’ve been together long enough that nothing should come as a surprise to you, right?!  You’re married, and have already proven yourself to be this incredible wife (which you knew you would be)… however, were you prepared for the unspoken duties that were to come?!

Life is full of surprises, and not all things are easy and enjoyable. In fact, some things in life may even become repetitive and somewhat annoying, specifically for me, its household chores! So, let me begin with this disclaimer: I am so in love with my husband, and to his defense, he often times will help out with responsibilities around the house which I’m so thankful for!  However, (not that I’m keeping track), but here is a list of…Are you kidding me moments…that I hope other wives can commiserate with:

1. Have you slowly started finding yourself picking up the empty dishes around the house, finding the scattered socks that never made it to the hamper, or the dirty tissues lying on the coffee table like it’s now the trash can?

2. Tell me you see the crumbs on the counter from the sandwich you just made…or should we get your eyes checked?!

3. We’re women, and when we’re sick we go to the Dr., right? Men- don’t go to the Dr. unless you give them an ultimatum, and/or schedule an appointment for them and drive them there! It is in your best interest to schedule this appointment sooner rather than later, as most men don’t seem to handle sickness quite like women do!

4. Hello, toilet seat!? OK, I’m not even going to get into this one!

5. My hubby helps me with some cleaning around the house so no complaints there, and I actually enjoy doing the cleaning myself, except for the bathrooms of course, so please tell me how does one manage to pee on the back of the toilet seat?!

6. Shaving cream goes on your face (for the most part) right? So how does it always end up splattered across the bathroom mirror?

7. Please check your pockets for gum, pens, etc…before giving me your laundry?!

Remember, life wouldn’t be half as interesting if all things were perfect, so be thankful for the small things in life that keep you on your toes, and make you the fabulous wife that you are! Now, here is your chance to let it all out, so please share with us the things that really grind your gears!

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