5 Newlywed Silver Linings of Hurricane Sandy

Silver LiningHere’s hoping all of our readers made it through Hurricane Sandy okay.  The constant media coverage of impending doom likely scared most people on the East Coast and ruined many peoples’ plans/yards/cars/homes.  I’m here to help you find a few silver linings of the storm:

5. Your wedding wasn’t ruined or delayed by Sandy.  Just think of those poor other girls and their families this coming weekend.

4. If your basement flooded you can finally replace the carpet down there (with the help of insurance dollars)!

3. Years from now you can regale your children with stories of Frankinstorm and how “Grandpa” kept you safe.

2. The power may be out, but you have love and someone to cuddle up with to stay warm. Here’s hoping you have a bottle of wine too!

1. You & your spouse are alive!  Seriously.  A massive natural disaster happened and didn’t affect the most important relationship of your life.

I encourage you to take a minute to realize how fortunate you are in surviving this storm as a newlywed.  If you don’t have to go into to work today, consider using that feeling of gratefulness to motivate yourself to volunteer somewhere where you can make a not-so fortunate person’s life a little easier post-Sandy.

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