Newlywed Love Is Being Stupid Together


Most weddings I attend (including my own) have a reading from First Corinthians “Love is patient, Love is kind…”  While this scripture is very true, I feel that the strongest newlywed couples understand that love is also being stupid together.

In a world that emphasizes and idolizes “perfect couples”, it’s freeing to know that being goofy is okay.  In fact, silliness and inside jokes helps cement your relationship. If you haven’t laughed or been stupid together in a while, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Rent a Comedy – Plop on the couch and reconnect as you laugh at actors antics.  You may even pick up a movie quote that will make you both laugh for years to come.
  2. Play Charades – This game is guaranteed to have you both laughing hysterically as you try to guess what your partner is acting out.
  3. Play With Small Children or Animals – There’s nothing like little kid laughter or puppy antics to make you smile and have a good time.
  4. Have a Squirt Gun or Water Balloon Fight – Who can keep a straight face when they’re chasing or being chased by their mate armed with liquid ammo?

What stupid love things do you do with your fiancé or spouse?  We’d love to hear them in a comment!

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