Newlywed Name Change & Passports: Answers to the 3 Most Common Questions

U.S. Passport

As you newlyweds head off for your fabulous honeymoons, heads up: the State Department updated all three passport forms. What does this mean? If you’ve pre-completed the DS-5504, DS-11 or DS-82, you will need to find the latest forms and fill them out again. *If you’re a name change customer, our service has already updated the form in your account and you simply need to re-print it. There were minute changes to the forms, but if you try to file the old ones…they won’t be accepted.

On the topic of newlyweds and passports, below are answers to the three most commonly asked questions:

1. Which name should I use to book my honeymoon travel? Book your flights and accommodations in your maiden name. It will take the county clerk’s office approximately two weeks to issue your marriage certificate, which you will need to file for your passport in your married name. The State Department will then take upwards of 5 weeks to process your filing and issue your new passport in your new married name. So skip name change fights with TSA and travel in your maiden name one last time.

2. What happens to my old passport? No one wants to give up the stamps and memories of travels pre-married name, and don’t worry you don’t have to. When your new passport is issued, your old one will be returned to you with two small holes punched in it.

3. I just filed and paid for a passport in my maiden name to go on my honeymoon…is there a fee for a new passport in my married name? Good news, as long as you file the 5504 form within 12 months of your passport issuance, you will not have to pay a fee. The State Department is looking out for us newlyweds on that front!

If you have any other questions regarding passports, honeymoon travel and name change feel free to contact the name change experts at via phone or email. We’re here to help!

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