Married Name Change & Summer Vacation

name change and summer vacations

It’s almost Memorial Day! Time to hit the beach, relax, and make plans for summer vacation as newlyweds! In the blur of BBQs, parties, and your new¬†life as a newlywed don’t forget about your name change. If you’re planning to change your maiden name after marriage, or have already started the process, now is the time to file all of your legal forms!

The worst thing you can do is partially change your name, or tell your spouse you changed it (but sorta haven’t). True story: I started changing my name and after three failed trips to get my new driver’s license in my new name, I had the idea for I wanted to be the first person to beta test my name-change service, so I put my personal transition to Mrs. on hold. Everything was fine until my husband surprised me with a trip to Mexico…which he booked in my married name (but my passport was in my maiden name). Cue the running around frantically calling the State Department and spending an entire day in line getting an expedited passport. I still have the worst-possible frazzled passport photo and cannot wait to file for a new passport next year.

Don’t let this happen to you! Learn from my misadventures and change your name completely. It’s like pulling off a band aid…it’s so much more painful if you slowly drag it out. Just do it! The best news is, you can use the MissNowMrs easy online name change service to streamline the 13 hour process into 30 minutes and enjoy your summer travel with zero drama as a Mrs.

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