How To Change Your Name In Virginia

Virginia Name Change

Changing your name in Virginia? Every state has a different set of forms, requirements, and filing order to navigate as newlyweds. Fortunately as name change experts, we’ve listed a few tips to make the switch to Mrs. as simple as possible!

MarriageĀ License

Before you get married, you will need to apply for a marriage license. If you have questions about applying for yours, read these four Virginia Marriage License tips. Your marriage license will be signed by the clergy member or officiant who performs your wedding, and send to the county clerk’s office. Approximately two weeks later, you will receive your certified marriage certificate from the county clerk’s office. This is the legal document or “proof” of your marriage that you will need to file your name change paperwork. We highly recommend requesting 1-2 additional certified copies of your marriage certificate so you are able to file multiple name change forms at the same time.

Social Security

Once you have your certified marriage certificate the first federal name change form to complete is the SS-5 form with Social Security. You will need to file it with all required accompanying documents, which are your certified marriage certificate and your driver’s license, or U.S. passport. Within approximately two weeks of filing your SS-5 form, you will receive your new Social Security Card with your new name in the mail.


The next name change form on your to-do list is the IRS 8822 form. Despite its name, this form updates the IRS of your new legal name (not just your new address.) It’s important for the IRS to know your new married name, so they don’t hold your tax returns while they investigate. In our opinion, it’s totally worth completing this short, free form to ensure zero Tax Day drama!

U.S. Passport

Changing your name on your U.S. passport involves completing the DS-11, DS-82, or the DS-5504. The DS-81 and DS-5504 formsĀ can be filed by mail, but if you’ve never had a passport, you will need to file your DS-11 form in-person at a local Passport Office. All require you to file your completed form with a certified marriage certificate, two 2×2 photos, and the appropriate filing fee. The good news is, if you’ve had your current passport for less than 12 months, it’s free to file for a new passport with your new name. Consider it a wedding gift from the State Department!

Virginia Driver’s License

Wait 48 hours after filing for your new Social Security card before filing for your new name on your Virginia Driver’s license. You will need to bring your completed forms, proof of residence (ex: a utility bill or paycheck with your current Virginia address,) your current driver’s license, and $20 for the filing fee. The best times to file for your Virginia driver’s license are mid-month, mid-week, and mid-morning. Avoid going to the DMV at the beginning of the month and before and after a holiday weekend to miss out on massive lines!


Now that you’ve completed the necessary state and federal name change forms, it’s time to notify your creditors of your new married name. These include your banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, mortgage provides, student loan providers, professional license boards, employers, insurance companies, medical providers, memberships, etc. As a newlywed with a new name, you basically need to notify the entire world of your new name!

The Easy Solution

Should the long list of name-change forms, offices, and in’s and out’s seem like too much to deal with, you can use the MissNowMrs easy online name change service. In 30 minutes you can have your forms auto-completed, pre-addressed, pre-posted, and on their way to your house! We use an API system that allows you to notify millions of your creditors of your new name, with zero stress or drama.


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