Gwyneth & Brad Faltrow | 3 Tips for Newlyweds Following the Blended Last Name Trend

Mr. and Mrs. Faltrow | Blended Last Name Tips

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk just got married AND they decided to blend their last names into a new name: Faltrow! This story is making waves, but as name-change experts we’ve been seeing the blended last name trend picking up steam for over a year now. Before you jump on the blended last name wagon be sure to read our tips below!

Tip 1: Talk about name change with your fiancé.

It sounds dumb, but many people come into a marriage with name change expectations. By chatting about what you both want/envision BEFORE you get married, you can have a calmer discussion and more time to make a decision that works for you.

Tip 2: Consider your heritage

If you’re super other oriented, it is smart to think about what your families may be hoping for regarding name change. In-laws and parents tend to want to see their legacy carried on. Are one of you the very last person to carry on the family name? If so, blending last names will mark the end of your former name. Depending on your situation that could be a good or bad thing! Again, by thinking big picture you can make a choice that makes you both happy.

Tip 3: Understand Your State’s Name Change Laws

Currently California is the only state that allows newlyweds to take a blended last name. *This is only possible if you write the blended name on your marriage license application. If you wait until after you’re married you will need to go through the legal name change process.

Non-Californian residents who want to create a blended last name will need to petition the court system for a legal name change order, which is basically a legal document that allows you to file for your name change. The process included being fingerprinted, running ads in papers, and appearing in court.

With more and more couples considering blended last names, we’re expecting to see more states change their name change laws in the future.

If you’re stuck on what name is best for you, play our Married Name Game, or text/call one of the MissNowMrs name change experts at 800.301.9296. We’ve helped over 400,000 brides change their names, and we’re happy to assist you as well!

Original story credit: Inquisitr

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