Niki Minaj Married Name Change

Nicki Minaj Married Name Change

Nicki Minaj is latest celebrity surrounded by married name change buzz! Rumor has it that the rapper, singer, song writer is planning to hyphenate her maiden name with Kenneth Petty’s. That would make her Mrs. Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty.

Name change after marriage is a very personal decision, but there are a few key life factors that tend to influence a woman’s choice. In Nicki’s case, her age and fame are factors that would pull heavily towards her keeping her name. Studies show that the older a woman is at the time of marriage, the more likely she is to keep her name and the more a woman’s career is tied to name recognition, again, the more likely she is to hold onto her maiden name after marriage.

Name change research and studies can never capture the “love” factor that plays into decision making… but it is definitely part of the equation. As name change experts, we hear the reasons for newlywed name changes all day! Many couples feel that name change shows that they’re “all in” or it ties them together in a very noticeable way.

It would be so fun to interview Nicki Minaj about her name change choice and the factors that helped her reach the decision to hyphenate. Every newlywed is different… so the story is always fascinating!

If you’re considering changing your name, but aren’t sure what name combination is legal in your state, or what best suits your specific situation play the Married Name Game. This cute quiz has a patent-pending algorithm that matches you with your best option or options (including don’t change your name.)

When and if you’re ready to change your name after marriage, the MissNowMrs App condenses the tedious 13 hour process into 3 minutes! Simply snap photos of the bar codes on your license and your spouses, tap the answers to a few questions, and we will send you all of the necessary name change forms completed with your information along with pre-addressed and pre-posted envelopes and instructions on exactly how to file.

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