The Premarital Plan: Talk About the Tough Stuff BEFORE Tying the Knot

When it comes to marriage, there are many matters that could result in power struggles once or several times over the length of the relationship, but there are two very common reoccurring themes that come up in marital disputes. This post addresses a few of the questions that can be the starting point for these necessary pre-wedding conversations.

Newlywed Easter Dress Success

One of the best parts of Easter is the excuse to shop for one more Spring dress or ensemble! Whether you are a newlywed meeting your spouse’s extended family for the first time or simply going to brunch with close friends, here are a few of our favorite outfits that are festive but won’t leave you looking fussy.

Newlywed Solutions For Juggling Family Celebrations

It's the beginning of April...time for the panic of realizing it's time to decide where the holidays are going to be celebrated. If you and your spouse are on your way to happily ever after, then both of you must face the realization that with marriage comes compromise and that will become most apparent during holiday celebrations.

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