5 Ways to Steer Clear of Unnecessary Holiday Highway Frustrations

Our travels have helped up create a holiday time and money-saver system, and a try not to strangle each other in the car system. So, if you’re one of the millions of people that have plans to be traveling in the next months, here are some tips to help make it a more pleasant, enjoyable experience with your spouse!

Thankful Newlywed Thoughts

As a newlywed, it is easy to get caught up in the holiday rush and the aspects of how to juggle whose family to do what with, when. My advice to you: take a moment and realize how fortunate you are. If you can keep the things that you are thankful for in the forefront of your mind, you’re guaranteed not to miss the reasons for the seasons that are upon us.

Rushing the Future: The Worst Possible Idea for Newlyweds

It’s only natural to think of the future occasionally, but rushing things is the worst possible idea for newlyweds! Rushing the future may not just create an array of hard-to-meet expectations for your spouse, but alienate your significant other, creating feelings of anxiety that shouldn’t be there. You may even make your husband feel trapped in the marriage instead of being a happy member of the union.

3 Secrets Every Newlywed Couple Needs to Maintain Happiness for a Lifetime

Many couples stay happy together through the years, in spite of occasional arguments, financial difficulties or other hardships, because they work on keeping their marriage happy. “Happiness maintenance” should be a couple’s joint chore and you can achieve great success in performing it if you know these three simple secrets.

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