Say Yes to Your Health

Now that you’re married, you are faced with the responsibility of taking care of someone else in your life, and the ultimate truth is “The best way to take care of those you care about is to take care of YOURSELF.” Let me offer you some of the best ways to make sure you are getting what you need in life to ensure that others will get what they need out of you:

Newlywed New Year’s Resolutions: Do or Don’t?

Many newlyweds start thinking about their New Year’s Resolution in days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. People come up with all kinds of things (i.e. to lose weight, quit smoking, organize their lives, take a dance lesson, earn a degree, etc.). These are all really good things to do to help become a healthier, happier you; so why do many of the people who pledge to do them fail?

Breast Cancer Awareness: In’s & Outs

There are so many ways you can show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness this month. Even if you’re just rockin’ your pink wardrobe this October, flash it and flaunt it ladies, and show your support! Early detection can significantly increase your chances of surviving Breast Cancer and knowing some easy life-style tips that can prevent it are a great place to start! So, what’s your plan of action?

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