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Omarosa Married Name Change?

Omarosa Manigault just tied the knot with John Allen Newman… and of course we’re all curious “will she change her name?” Omarosa became a reality star on the first season of The Apprentice. Most Americans know her by her first name, so perhaps a switch...

The Married Name Game: Will You? Won’t You?

As wedding season hits full bloom, brides are beginning to play the married name game. Remember back to middle school when you tried on various boyfriends’ last names to see how they sounded? This is the real-life version of that game. Women have to decide...

Married Name Change: Why Now Is Better Than Later

Most newlyweds wait a few months to change their names after marriage, so after the Spring/Summer wedding boom comes a flurry of name changes in the Fall. While not every woman should change her name, it is advisable for newlyweds intending to make the legal switch...

Is Keeping Your Maiden Name a Huge Mistake?

In the controversial world of married name change there is much debate around whether a woman should change her name after marriage.  In the whirlwind of debate there are the multiple choices of names that a married woman can opt to take.  Name change is a personal decision for every...

Married Name-Change: Not to be Misunderstood

First things first! After you have said your I Do’s, your Officiant will often times announce to your guests, “I now pronounce to you, Mr. and Mrs. XYZ”! Although your marriage is official, unfortunately that doesn’t mean that your name has automatically changed to your spouses’. Hence the reason for

Maiden to Middle Name Change

Taking her maiden name as a middle name after marriage is one of the more popular name change choices of brides today. Adding her maiden name as a middle name allows for a woman to “keep” her maiden name while taking her husband’s last name, but avoid the mouthful of a hyphenated name. If you live in California, New Jersey, New York, New York City, Ohio (unless your Marriage Certificate shows your intended middle name), Pennsylvania or Washington you are unable to take your maiden name as your middle name as part of your married name change.

Social Security Name Change: 3 Things the S.S. Office Will NEVER Tell You!

It’s very important to understand your state’s policies before you begin filing your Social Security name change form, or you may end up making a very complicated process (married name-change) even more tedious!

New Year, New Year’s Resolution… New Married Name?!

It seems that when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day everyone wants to come up with the best New Year’s Resolution, that works for you, and more importantly, one that you can stick to! C’mon we’ve all heard the common resolutions…to lose weight,...

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