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Married Name Change: Why Now Is Better Than Later

Most newlyweds wait a few months to change their names after marriage, so after the Spring/Summer wedding boom comes a flurry of name changes in the Fall. While not every woman should change her name, it is advisable for newlyweds intending to make the legal switch...

How Does An Online Name Change Service Work?

Engaged or newlywed and considering changing your maiden name to your married name? If you’ve used your computer to do any research on the topic, you’ve seen the MissNowMrs online name change service. Curious what an online name change service does? Much like TurboTax, our...

Half off MissNowMrs Married Name Change Gift Cards on Living Social!

Living Social has a nationwide deal offering the MissNowMrs married name change service or a MissNowMrs gift card for $15! What better time to stockpile gift cards than right before wedding season kicks off in April?

Name Change Kit or Name Change Service—It’s Your Choice!

Name Change Kits as well as Name Change Services are designed to assist brides and newlyweds with name change after marriage. Each could be the answer to all your name change needs, the question then becomes which one would best suit your specific needs?

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