Newlywed Tips

Investing Wisely – A Few Tips for Newlyweds

Most newlyweds know that investing can be riskier than just stowing money away into a money market account or CD. As a couple, you may have very different ideas on how to invest your earnings. Instead of every man and woman for him or herself, you should talk to your partner and find out what he/she would like to do as well as inform them of your own ideas.

Newlywed New Year’s Resolutions: Do or Don’t?

Many newlyweds start thinking about their New Year’s Resolution in days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. People come up with all kinds of things (i.e. to lose weight, quit smoking, organize their lives, take a dance lesson, earn a degree, etc.). These are all really good things to do to help become a healthier, happier you; so why do many of the people who pledge to do them fail?

Your First Christmas:Tips For Handling Your In-Laws

The fact of the matter is that the majority of people have in-laws – mothers, fathers, and siblings – and eventually have a holiday where everyone can come together and celebrate. We’ve all heard comedians joke about awful in-laws and dealing with them at the table, but that doesn’t have to be your holiday experience!

5 Ways to Steer Clear of Unnecessary Holiday Highway Frustrations

Our travels have helped up create a holiday time and money-saver system, and a try not to strangle each other in the car system. So, if you’re one of the millions of people that have plans to be traveling in the next months, here are some tips to help make it a more pleasant, enjoyable experience with your spouse!

How to Convince Your Wife That She Needs a New Gadget

As women, we don’t always see why your new $200+ gadget is a good idea, much like you don’t understand our Victoria’s Secret bill at the end of the month (oh, fine it’s not the same thing!). Once she has a better understanding of how this new gadget fits into both your lives (and relates to her interests/hobbies), she will be more susceptible to the idea of purchasing the said item!

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