MissNowMrs Name Change Gift Cards in Davids Bridal Stores!

MissNowMrs is the very first company to EVER sell a gift card in a David's Bridal store, and we are very proud of the achievement! That means that brides and newlyweds nationwide can purchase gift cards for themselves or for bridal shower/wedding gifts in stores or online.

Newlywed Decor

As a newlywed, you usually have a new space to decorate and sprinkling in a few romantic things helps keep the newlywed aura going. You're in love and newly married...feel free to buy a few things that advertise that fact and make you smile when you see them. Note that I said a few things...

About Us

Advice dispensed with class and a little sass. Everything from how to cope with post-wedding blues to the best ways to entertain and enjoy life as a MRS.!