Same Sex Marriage

What #LoveWins Means for Married Name Change

The Supreme Court recently ruled to legalize same sex marriage in all 50 states.  The #LoveWins ruling was met with much celebration and will result in a multitude of same sex weddings this summer and fall.   First comes love, then comes marriage….followed by name change! Instead of...

Same Sex Marriage Equality in 2014 and the New Year

Looking back on 2014, there have been great strides made in same sex marriage equality. In the last month South Carolina, Wyoming, Nevada and Arizona have legally recognized same sex marriages, bringing the total number of states that recognize same sex couples’ right to marry...

Same Sex Married Name Change: What Rules Apply Where

The Supreme Court’s decision to not hear state appeals on same sex marriages will result in the legalization of that practice in eleven more states across the U.S.  This ruling caused five states to immediately legalize same sex marriage; they include: Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia...

Social Security Allows Same Sex Couples To Change Their Names After Marriage

The Social Security Administration recently changed its policy regarding same sex couples and married name change. Instead of having to petition the court system for a legal name change order, same sex couples can now use their marriage certificate to file for a married name change.

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