June 2010

Could This Be The Perfect Time for a Weekend Getaway?

Money might be tight right now (since you just had a wedding, or maybe you bought a home—and lets not even mention the economy!), but that’s no reason to forego planning a weekend away. It doesn’t have to be any where extravagant to be a good time. So, here are a few ideas for a weekend getaway (some more budget-friendly than others, but all are sure to be a great time for the just the two of you)!

3 Secrets Every Newlywed Couple Needs to Maintain Happiness for a Lifetime

Many couples stay happy together through the years, in spite of occasional arguments, financial difficulties or other hardships, because they work on keeping their marriage happy. “Happiness maintenance” should be a couple’s joint chore and you can achieve great success in performing it if you know these three simple secrets.

Why Man Space Has Nothing to Do with Your Marriage

What is Man Space and why is it necessary, you ask? It’s a place where your man doesn’t need to worry about anyone else’s needs, but his own. He can mix and match old college furniture, his favorite childhood bean bag and have a huge TV with ugly speakers and not have to worry about what you think about it.

Social Security Name Change: 3 Things the S.S. Office Will NEVER Tell You!

It’s very important to understand your state’s policies before you begin filing your Social Security name change form, or you may end up making a very complicated process (married name-change) even more tedious!

Wedding Gifts: Solutions for the Good, the Bad & the Unregistered For

What is the worst wedding gift you received? This is one of the silly questions that newlyweds discuss while lounging around pools on their honeymoons and when they get home and have to deal with these gifts being in their homes. Here are a few of the most common non-registry gifts and some ideas on how to use them.

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