July 2010

Why Saving Doesn’t Mean Stop Living Your Life

Once you and your partner decide to start saving your money you may feel like you can’t afford to do anything, but I’m here to tell you it’s not true. While it is important that you think about exactly how to allocate your money and keep track of your monthly expenses, you shouldn’t forego all extra-curricular activities such as going on out on dates or making small purchases once in awhile. When couples decide to save all their money it leaves little room for having fun through experiences…or just plain living life!

The Scoop on Weddzilla: What Is It & How Does It Help?

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun. With a million sites out there focusing on selling brides something, Weddzilla aims to make their planning experience easier. We created each feature with the thought that if it didn’t simplify their planning process, it didn’t make it ontoWeddzilla.

Newlywed in New York: New Requirements at the NY DMV

Public safety and security has tightened all around us, for obvious reasons. When changing your name it is especially important for you to properly identify yourself and prove that you really are who you say you are. Some state’s DMVs have already implemented the 6-point ID requirement system and now New York has decided to implement the same system. Read on to learn about how the changes affect you.

Co-habitation: Newlywed Surprises and Compromises

If you’re moving in together after the Big Day, you probably can’t wait to start married life together. What could be more romantic than sharing a home, waking up together and never having to wait to see each other? With all of this built up anticipation, the challenges of early cohabitation might catch you off guard. There are several things to consider as you plan your move-in to help smooth the transition and ensure newlywed bliss.

Name Change Kit or Name Change Service—It’s Your Choice!

Name Change Kits as well as Name Change Services are designed to assist brides and newlyweds with name change after marriage. Each could be the answer to all your name change needs, the question then becomes which one would best suit your specific needs?

Maiden to Middle Name Change

Taking her maiden name as a middle name after marriage is one of the more popular name change choices of brides today. Adding her maiden name as a middle name allows for a woman to “keep” her maiden name while taking her husband’s last name, but avoid the mouthful of a hyphenated name. If you live in California, New Jersey, New York, New York City, Ohio (unless your Marriage Certificate shows your intended middle name), Pennsylvania or Washington you are unable to take your maiden name as your middle name as part of your married name change.

Newly Married & All Wedding’ed Out

Everyone seems to tell me the same thing, that if you’re one of the first of your friends to get married, you will have one “golden” year where you will find yourself loading up your calendar with showers, bachelorette parties and weddings to attend. Of course you are so excited for your friends, and look forward to sharing this special time with them and helping with preparations for their special day, but you may also find yourself feeling somewhat overwhelmed, and unfortunately not being able to accept all invites due to other schedule conflicts, and not to mention the obvious… budgetary restraints.

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