5 Secrets to Separate Work From Play

Newlywed Job Stress TipsIf you look like this guy during the workday, it’s quite possible that you’re bringing home a great deal of stress with you each evening.  This stress can show up as muscle aches, a bad mood, headaches or difficulty sleeping.  Nobody wants to come home to a cranky spouse, especially as a newlywed…so here are a few ways to help you separate work from play!

Rock Out On Your Commute – Create a playlist or CD of songs for your ride home from work.  The songs should be high energy to help you vent your work emotions (Eminem is perfect for this).

Write a List – Making a list of tomorrow’s to-do’s before you leave the office can help you stop thinking about work when you’re at home.  While you’re writing the list, mentally acknowledge that your work day is done and you cannot do anything on your list until you go into work the next morning.  This should allow you to relax and move into enjoying your evening.

Break a Sweat – Schedule a trip to the gym before you go home.  Pumping iron or engaging in heart-pounding cardio is a fantastic way to forget about office woes.  The bonus: endorphins will automatically make you feel better after a work-out and you’ll go home a happy newlywed!

Breathe Deeply – Give meditation a try. Project-meditation.org is a great resource to get you started.  If the idea of trying to meditate just stresses you out, try lighting a lavender scented candle when you get home and let the aroma relax you.

Make Out- The next time you’re having a tough day at work, say hello to your honey at the end of the day with a full blown make-out session.  After a few kisses I guarantee that you won’t be worried about the quarterly report that’s due next week!

Do you have any secrets to share about keeping work stress at the office?  We’d love to hear your solutions, so please leave a comment!

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