Football Sunday Fun-days Had By All

Newlywed Football FansAre you a guy’s guy—meaning do you enjoy anything football related? Does your partner share your enthusiasm for the sport?  I’ll bet that if she doesn’t you secretly wish that she did so you could watch the game(s) in peace every weekend (or at least once in a while)!  Although there are some lucky couples that truly enjoy watching the game together and cheering for their favorite team; it’s not the norm. We’re hoping to change that for you with the following newlywed tips, so this Sunday you can enjoy every minute of the game uninterrupted by a nagging spouse!

  1. Convince her to host a party: That’s right, I said party!  Women love to be the perfect hostess and entertain guests.  Perhaps if you say, “Hey honey, I was thinking we could have our friends over this weekend for the game.  What do you think?”  She will appreciate you considering what she wants to do and will most-likely say, “Great!  I’ve been dying to make homemade chili and my buffalo chicken dip.” Maybe not in those words, but she will happily accept the challenge of hosting a get-together with friends (especially if other females will be there too).  Here are some tailgating tips and recipes you might want to try!

Buy her something cute and sporty to wear:

      Lets face it, women love to look nice!  So, why not purchase her something from


    by Alyssa Milano?  She will no doubt cheer on your team if she can look good doing it!

Remind her of her hobbies:

      Does she enjoy scrap-booking, painting, crocheting or some other hobby that will allow for her to sit in the room with you while you both do your own thing?

It’s not exactly quality time, but it’s time spent together both enjoying yourselves.

Tell her to invite her girlfriends over: They could enjoy a glass (or three—wink, wink) of wine while discussing the latest trends in fashion, fitness or whatever suits them and you won’t have to miss a single play of the big game!

If all else fails, buy her a gift card to the spa or 2 tickets to the new chick flick so she and her BFF can enjoy  the movie together while you celebrate every touchdown and sip on a few beers!  Click here for the NFL schedule. Tell us how you enjoy your football Sundays…together or separate.  If separate, what does your most special lady do while you watch the game?

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