Snuggle Up to our December Giveaway: A Sleep Number® Create Your Perfect Comforter!

December Newlywed Blog Giveaway Now that you’re happily married and the stress of wedding planning is out of the way, there is nothing better than curling up next to the one you love…that is unless you and your sleep partner disagree on the best bedroom sleeping temperature.  If that’s the case, the Sleep Number Create Your Perfect Comforter is a great solution for you because each side of the comforter can be customized to your warmth preference. Sleep Number has teamed up with to offer one of our newlywed blog readers the chance to win a completely customized Create Your Perfect Comforter (A $280 value)!

Temperature Preferences - While the ideal bedroom temperature is in the mid-sixties, individual preferences can lead to conflict and disturbed sleep. To make you both as comfortable as possible, purchase bedding that accommodates you both – such as a dual-weight comforter that allows you to personalize each side to your warmth preference. One side is heavier to keep you warm and the other side lightweight to keep your partner cool.

The Sleep Number Create your Perfect Comforter is the ideal solution for couples who disagree on bedroom temperature as each side of the comforter can be customized. A soft Damask-stripe cover, in 300-thread-count cotton, offers breathable protection for your inner fill inserts. L-shaped zippers on both sides allow you to easily place inserts and ties keep them secure.

Choose Your Fill - Personalize your comfort with an insert on each side. Choose from the finest down for high-loft softness, or a premium down alternative, which mimics the comfort of down in a hypoallergenic 100% polyester fill. 

Customize Your Warmth – Once you’ve chosen your favorite fill, select your ideal warmth level: choose lightweight if you are always warm, to extra weight if you are often cold.

Ready to win our cozy December giveaway? Leave a comment on this, or any of our Newlywed Bed Posts on Mondays this month and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Tell us all about why you and your spouse should win this custom comforter. We’d love to know what lengths you’ve gone to to solve your temperature differences. The randomly selected contest winner will be announced on December 31st!! If we don’t hear back from the winner within 2 weeks, we will randomly select a new winner to make sure someone ends up with this great goodie!

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0 thoughts on “Snuggle Up to our December Giveaway: A Sleep Number® Create Your Perfect Comforter!

  1. Angela L.

    My husband is always burning up and I freeze at night. He insists we sleep with the window open even when it’s 20 degrees outside. It’s terrible!!

  2. Maria Malaveci

    My husband likes sleeping with the window open a lot, and of course I am freezing! This comforter would absolutely be perfect!

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  5. Tara

    Being able to choose the fill for each side would be pretty neat… we fight over pillows and comforters all the time, so this would be a welcome break!

  6. Kathleen

    This is wonderful! What a way to start a life together, with an amazing comforter! I would love to win this for my future hubby and me!

    angelkemm at

  7. KHBride

    Would LOVE to win this! Our bedroom is so cold! I feel like I’m going camping I have so many layers on :( and I still get into bed and shake b/c I’m so cold. He likes it colder in the room, so I’d love to win this so we could use it and end my nightly freezing!

  8. Andrea Bosco

    My husband and I are complete opposites when it comes to the temperature of the house. I like it toasty warm because I am always freezing and he likes it cold because he is always hot. At night I am either bundles in a rediculous amount of covers to keep warm or he is tossing and turning sweating. This would be an awesome gift to win!!

  9. Cherie

    What a great idea! My fiance and I ended up just using two separate blankets – one for him, one for me. :( Not ideal…

  10. Fawn Astrid

    I had this very idea! My finance wants just a thin quilt but I want a full down comforter at night. I just couldn’t figure out how to keep the heavy side from pulling the lighter side off the bed. This is wonderful!

    One of these would end the debate in our household and would be very much appreciated!!!!

  11. Charli Langley

    My husband and I are both cold blooded lol and we disagree who has to get up in the morning to turn up the heat to take the chill off our home this comfy blanket wont help with that diagreement but would be really nice to have looks very comfy and warm :)

  12. Kristen J

    My husband and I are always waking each other up during the night to fight over the blankets. Usually they all end up on one side of the bed by morning. This comforter is such a great idea!

  13. Hal

    I call my husband my space heater- problem being I wake up in the middle of the night BURNING UP…This comforter sounds like the perfect solution!

  14. Colleen Cole

    This would be terrific for my hubby and I as he keeps throwing the comforter on the floor, leaving me freezing in the bed! We are still getting used to sleeping in the same bed and working out the details ;-)


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