4 Easy Steps to a Memorable Super Bowl Party

Newlywed Superbowl Party TipsIt’s time for the ultimate manly event of the year…Super Bowl XLV baby!!! Almost nothing will make your man happier than having his buddies over for the big game, enjoying a few beers and some great food.  You may be thinking, “I’m not much of a football fan;” however, what you ARE is a great hostess!  No?  Well, just follow these few steps and you will be on your way to hosting an amazing game day party.

1.  Prepare the guest list: You have to know how many people are coming in order to be sure you have enough food and drinks to go around.  After all, there’s no good time to run out to the store during the game (not even during the commercials or half-time)!

2.  Decide on the menu or Potluck: You can ask guests to bring one dish or drink (such as chili, nachos, chips and salsa or a bottle of wine or liquor) as the best Super Bowl parties have a casual feel to them.  It’s a good idea to serve foods that don’t require much of your time so you can enjoy hanging out and cheering on your team with your guests during the game. We recommend anything that can cook in a Crock Pot (i.e. meatballs, fondue, chili, etc.).  You can find easy Super Bowl Recipes for some of the most popular party foods through Celebrations.com.

3.  Put up decorations: You can use streamers (team colors of course), football themed napkins and party plates. Feeling fancy?  Check out Plates and Napkins Blog for these Super Bowl Cupcake Rings.

4.  Decide on Drinks: Some people prefer to stick with beer to quench their thirst during the big game, while others are up for trying something new.  Try an Old Fashioned Wisconsin if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan or The Black and Gold if you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  Not a fan of either? No problem, check out 32 NFL Team Inspired Cocktails* and choose your favorite!  Just because your team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink in their honor!

Do you have any Super Bowl party traditions, recipes, or ideas you’d like to share with our readers? We’d love to hear them, so leave a comment below to start the conversation!

*Drink recipes provided by StilettoSportsMagazine.com.

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