From Boyfriend & Girlfriend to Husband & Wife

Couples tend to think the transition from being engaged to being married is as simple as 1-2-3, but most married couples will tell you that it isn’t always that easy. With marriage, comes expectations (from both husband and wife…and even from In-laws too) and sometimes those expectations are set quite high.

February: Time To Try Fun Things Together

Now that you’re a newlywed, you may have noticed that you have more spare time than you did when you were planning your wedding and honeymoon. One great way to utilize those extra hours is to take some time to try something new with your spouse. A new experience adds instant spark to your relationship and may become a joint hobby or interest that you can share for many years to come.

A Happy Marriage, A Partnership!

Have you heard people say that once you’re a newlywed it is no longer a “Me” thing it’s an “Us” thing!? Here's an article that describes how couples are looking for more of a “partnership” in a relationship, to mold and shape each other into becoming a ‘better’ person! Individuals in a relationship can offer things to one another that maybe they were lacking on their own, ultimately creating a more self-fulfilling, happy marriage!

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