From Boyfriend & Girlfriend to Husband & Wife

Couples tend to think the transition from being engaged to being married is as simple as 1-2-3, but most married couples will tell you that it isn’t always that easy. With marriage, comes expectations (from both husband and wife…and even from In-laws too) and sometimes those expectations are set quite high.

A Happy Marriage, A Partnership!

Have you heard people say that once you’re a newlywed it is no longer a “Me” thing it’s an “Us” thing!? Here's an article that describes how couples are looking for more of a “partnership” in a relationship, to mold and shape each other into becoming a ‘better’ person! Individuals in a relationship can offer things to one another that maybe they were lacking on their own, ultimately creating a more self-fulfilling, happy marriage!

Newlywed Love Is Art

Looking at a picture that captured one of your happiest moments together as a couple can instantly transport you back to that day and all the emotions you were feeling: love, excitement, anticipation and even nerves. Filling your brain with a beautiful image and the emotions that go with it is a great way to ensure that you carry positivity with you each day in your newlywed relationship. Think about it, it’s really hard to be mad at your spouse for forgetting to take out the trash when you look at them as the amazing person you walked down the aisle with!

The Name Equality Act: California

You may be shocked to find out that in California couples can decide to make up a new last name to take after marriage thanks to the Name Change Equality Act*. While this is not a new law by any means, it’s definitely worthy of talking about!

New Wife, New Life: New Wardrobe?

The saying goes, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover;” but we know that unfortunately it can be hard not to! I'm suggesting that it might be time to donate some of your go-to t-shirts such as: your FBI (Female Body Inspector) t-shirt, your I heart Atari t-shirt and your VANS sneakers to a teenage boy in need of your old wardrobe. While these items are a token of your youth, they don’t exactly spell-out mature, sophisticated, married man.

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