How Does An Online Name Change Service Work?

Engaged or newlywed and considering changing your maiden name to your married name? If you’ve used your computer to do any research on the topic, you’ve seen the MissNowMrs online name change service. Curious what an online name change service does? Much like TurboTax, our...

What #LoveWins Means for Married Name Change

The Supreme Court recently ruled to legalize same sex marriage in all 50 states.  The #LoveWins ruling was met with much celebration and will result in a multitude of same sex weddings this summer and fall.   First comes love, then comes marriage….followed by name change! Instead of...

Ginger Spice Opts to Change Her Name…How Nice!

Former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, married Christian Horner in a lovely ceremony on May 15th.  Despite her reputation as ‘Ginger Spice’ the singer/celebrity is opting to take her husband’s name after marriage.  While honeymooning, the newlywed has already changed her name to Mrs. Geri Horner...

MissNowMrs Name Change Gift Cards Now at Target!

Tis the season for bridal showers and weddings! Do you feel like you’re attending one or the other every weekend from now through early Fall? While watching friends and family fall in love and get married is amazing, it can leave a girl feeling overwhelmed...

3 Tips to Make Your Name Change Decision A Snap!

88.6% of brides/newlyweds are still making the switch to Mrs. What if you can't decide if you want to change your name? Read on for 3 tips to make your name change decision a snap!

First Name & Last Name Change After Marriage:The Full Scoop

The MissNowMrs support team handles numerous questions from brides inquiring if they can change their first name while changing their last name after marriage, so here's the scoop on how to do it!

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