The Premarital Plan: Talk About the Tough Stuff BEFORE Tying the Knot

When it comes to marriage, there are many matters that could result in power struggles once or several times over the length of the relationship, but there are two very common reoccurring themes that come up in marital disputes. This post addresses a few of the questions that can be the starting point for these necessary pre-wedding conversations.

Investing Wisely – A Few Tips for Newlyweds

Most newlyweds know that investing can be riskier than just stowing money away into a money market account or CD. As a couple, you may have very different ideas on how to invest your earnings. Instead of every man and woman for him or herself, you should talk to your partner and find out what he/she would like to do as well as inform them of your own ideas.

3 Financial Mistakes Most Newlywed Couples Make

Money is always a stressful subject no matter who you are or who you’re with. Some newlywed couples aren’t quite sure what to do in certain situations. There are plenty of questions to ask, but there are three big mistakes that every couple should look out for. Avoiding these money pitfalls will put you on firmer financial ground for your marriage.

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