Newlywed Tips

Why Saving Doesn’t Mean Stop Living Your Life

Once you and your partner decide to start saving your money you may feel like you can’t afford to do anything, but I’m here to tell you it’s not true. While it is important that you think about exactly how to allocate your money and keep track of your monthly expenses, you shouldn’t forego all extra-curricular activities such as going on out on dates or making small purchases once in awhile. When couples decide to save all their money it leaves little room for having fun through experiences…or just plain living life!

Co-habitation: Newlywed Surprises and Compromises

If you’re moving in together after the Big Day, you probably can’t wait to start married life together. What could be more romantic than sharing a home, waking up together and never having to wait to see each other? With all of this built up anticipation, the challenges of early cohabitation might catch you off guard. There are several things to consider as you plan your move-in to help smooth the transition and ensure newlywed bliss.

3 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Guy Friends and A Happy Wife

Guys always tend to have a posse of guy friends. After all, they are who you watch your favorite sports games with, sometimes they are who you work with, and overall, they are who you have a good time with. There are some times though, when your wife may not be particularly thrilled with some of your buddies. Seeking out the right balance between your friends and your true love can occasionally seem a bit tricky, but try following these three simple concepts...

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