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How the Government Shutdown Impacts Your Name Change

The MissNowMrs phones have been ringing with questions regarding the government shut down and how it could affect the married name change process. We’ve compiled everything you need to know regarding the government shut down and how it affects name change forms filed with Social...

3 Tips for Florida Name Change

Thinking about changing your name in Florida? If you’re engaged or a newlywed, knowing these three specific things about the Sunshine State’s name change processes will save you a great deal of time and effort as you transition from Miss. to Mrs. Florida Marriage License When...

4 Tips To Make Your Name Change New Year’s Resolution Happen

Did you make a resolution to make your married name change a reality in 2017? Whether you were a New Years bride or have been procrastinating for months, January is an ideal time to change your name after marriage. So, if you’ve made the decision...

Name Change Checklist

Newlywed and intimidated by the thought of changing your name with the Social Security Administration, IRS, USPS as well as on your state driver’s license, vehicle registration, passport and zillions of other important documents?  You’re not alone in your anxiety.  88.6% of U.S. brides opt...

How the Government Shut Down Affects Your Married Name Change

If you’ve turned on the news or radio, the media is awash with the negative impacts of the U.S. government shutdown. An angle they haven’t covered is how the shutdown affects married name change. Heads up ladies! If you are in the midst of filing...

Social Security Allows Same Sex Couples To Change Their Names After Marriage

The Social Security Administration recently changed its policy regarding same sex couples and married name change. Instead of having to petition the court system for a legal name change order, same sex couples can now use their marriage certificate to file for a married name change.

Social Security Name Change: 3 Things the S.S. Office Will NEVER Tell You!

It’s very important to understand your state’s policies before you begin filing your Social Security name change form, or you may end up making a very complicated process (married name-change) even more tedious!

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