Virginia Changes their Driver’s License Form Again

Did you know that the State of Virginia recently updated their driver’s license form again?  This will be the second time this form has changed since January of 2007.  Changes to a driver’s license form may seem like an irrelevant fact, but it may very well impact you.  If you purchased a name-change kit or CD and are planning on using the Virginia driver’s license form in them, you are probably wasting your time. Unfortunately, books and kits are printed in bulk and cannot be updated until all of the supply is used and a new edition is printed.

The online name-change service has the advantage of being able to immediately update forms and directions as state and government offices make changes.  Once a new form is issued our service is updated and our customers receive the benefit of the new form instantly.  Giving brides access to the latest Virginia driver’s license form is just a recent example of our dedication to Making New Beginnings Easier!

0 thoughts on “Virginia Changes their Driver’s License Form Again

  1. Robyn

    A silly little nit pick- Virginia is a commonwealth, not a state. If anyone searches in google for the STATE of Virginia driver’s license form, they may be redirected, or they may not find anything at all.


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