Newlywed in New York: New Requirements at the NY DMV

New York DMV Name Change There is one thing that will forever remain the same the DMV with its long wait times and complete chaos at the office! This 3-letter acronym is dreaded among most and is always spoken about with anything, but enthusiasm! However, one thing you can be sure to count on with your DMV, is they constantly update rules, restrictions, and forms, which can cause you more unnecessary stress and aggravation.

Since the DMV is the only office that you must visit in person when changing your name due to marriage, it is important to have all of your ducks in a row before you make the trek to the office!  One trip is bad enough; let’s not have to make a second!  So if you reside in New York, please read on…

Public safety and security has tightened all around us, for obvious reasons. When changing your name it is especially important for you to properly identify yourself and prove that you really are who you say you are.  Some state’s DMVs have already implemented the 6-point ID requirement system and now New York has decided to implement the same system, so please note the following changes:

Before a NY state DMV will issue any photo document (learner permit, driver license, non-driver ID Card) for the first time, or if your document expired more than 2 years ago, you must show the following points of identity:

-Proof of your date of birth

-4 points of proof of name along with your Social Security Card, OR if you are ineligible for a Social Security Card, 6 points of proof of name plus a letter of ineligibility from the Social Security Administration that they (SSA) used to determine that you are ineligible. All proofs of name must show the same name.

-If you already have and can show a valid NY DMV photo document, that is all you need as 6 points of proof of name to get a new or different photo document. However, if  the DMV has no record of your Social Security Number, you will have to show your Social Security Card too.

For more information, please see the list of acceptable documents to show proof of identity found on the New York DMV website.

0 thoughts on “Newlywed in New York: New Requirements at the NY DMV

  1. itseasy

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  2. Ryan

    Thanks for the info. Any tips for my wife, who married me AND moved to New York at the same time? She has an out-of-state driver license (current) and of course our marriage certificate (to prove name change).

    I couldn’t find anything on NYS DMV site about doing both of these together (getting a NYS driver license for new resident + name change) — so I assume the DMV is going to make her do each separately. If anyone knows which to do first, or if they will accept her 6 points with mixed names (maiden name on old license, new name on marriage cert and new SS card), that would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Danielle Tate

      Hi Ryan,

      Your wife can use our service to change her name and her address at the same time. :) 2 birds…1 stone!

  3. Jodie

    I know this is above comments are old, but the question posted by Ryan about “mixed” names on identity documents is a real nightmare at the NYDMV. I have been trying for months to get my out of state license switched (from NJ to NY) and also change my name to my married name. They want your proof of identity in your MAIDEN name first, so you have to have enough points with that. The problem is, I had already switched my SS card to my new name (so they wouldn’t accept it) and everything else is basically in my married name as well except for my NJ license. I had my birth certificate, marriage certificate, W2’s, three state issued photo ID’s (through the NJ, PA and NY Racing Commissions) bank statements and utility bills and to this day I still cannot get my license. So now my NJ license is expired and I have NOTHING VALID to drive with legally.


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