Newlywed Grooming

Newlywed Grooming TipsWe’ve all seen them, the completely mismatched couple.  He or she is gorgeous, funny and well dressed, while their partner is frumpy, dumpy and sometimes even downright rude.  While sometimes those mismatched relationships work out, no one wants to be the ugly duckling of their relationship.  So how do you ensure that you’re well matched with your beautiful wife?  Simple upkeep will go a long way to preserving your Prince Charming status.

Hair – Keeping up with monthly haircuts is an easy solution to looking nice.  You can go somewhere fancy like the Men’s Grooming Lounge, where you can get a hair cut, color, highlights, massages and more,  or be economical at the Hair Cuttery.

NailsA basic rule of thumb is that your nails should never be longer than your partner’s.  You could consider getting your nails done with your wife ( they are called manicures), but if that idea freaks you out, using clippers a few times a week should keep your nails neat. 

Manscaping – We’ll leave the extent to which you impliment this up to you.  Please know that most women truly appreciate some trimming at a minimum and we do shave our underarms, legs, etc as part of our routine upkeep. has a great article that outlines some of the finer details of manscaping.

Clothes – Wearing clean matching clothes is a married man must.  You’re a grown man, so we’re betting you know the appropriate way to dress yourself.  Be sure to reference our post on married man fashion for some great ideas. 

Manners - Try to keep up the same level of etiquette as when you were dating.  Being married is not an excuse to stop opening doors or start discussing bodily functions at dinner.  If you think your wife would be offended by something, don’t say or do it in front of her.

The fact that you’re reading an article about newlywed grooming speaks volumes about the great guy you are.  Whatever your personal style may be, the point is to make sure you keep up with grooming, even after you’re married.

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