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Newlywed Closet Clean OutOne of the things I love most about living in the northeast is the drastic change of seasons, and with this comes that time of year that we all look forward to — rotating our wardrobe! At the end of each summer I am over my summer clothes, and my love for wearing shorts, and I look forward to the new fall fashions of the season! Along with the excitement that comes when it’s time for my wardrobe rotation, I am also faced with a bit of separation anxiety  when trying to decide which clothes I should store in my secret hide-away closet in the spare room, and which clothing items never came off the hanger this year… clearly telling me that I should get rid of them!  I don’t mean ‘throw them away,’ I generally take my clothes to the Salvation Army or another resource where they can be worn again and cherished by someone else. Alternatively- I recently discovered a new love for consignment, or recycled clothing shops where you can sell your slightly-used items, and find some really cute, unique items at a great price of course!

I always struggle with certain items and trying to decide what to get rid of, and I find myself folding them away for just… one more year! This year I’m telling myself, and my husband is telling me too, that I need to make some important decisions to get rid of some cherished items, (or as he would call it, “clutter”) and tidy up the house a bit! I figure while I am going to take on the project of my wardrobe rotation, I should also incorporate some ‘fall cleaning’ at the same time. I did, however warn my husband that I have scheduled my ‘fall cleaning’ the first week of September, and if I am going to tidy up my wardrobe, then he is too! I know that more than half of the crumpled up t-shirts that are in the closet, he doesn’t even remember he has! So I am coming to grips that he is right, and some things I need to let go of, but I think I’m OK with this, as my female mind works — I’m already thinking that I will just have more room for those new fall must-haves! Is anyone else super excited for fall fashion this year? Here are some of my fall favs to help you get excited too, check them out at ELLE & InStyle.

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