Ode to Thanksgiving Pie

Newlywed Thanksgiving PieThanksgiving is almost upon us and that means getting together with family and celebrating all of the things you are thankful for with a ton of food.  Whether it’s pumpkin, chocolate meringue, apple or berry; a fabulous slice of pie is the best way to top off a great meal.  As the newlywed addition to your spouse’s family, what better thing to bring to the meal, but a homemade pie?

Here a few recipes to help you make a great impression (and pie) this Thanksgiving as well as show off your personality.

For the Traditionalist:  If you love a classic Thanksgiving meal then make a classic dessert to match it.  Here are a few great recipes for pumpkin pie, apple pie  and berry cobbler.  Your new family is certainly in for a treat!

For the Foodie:  Are you the gracious gourmet?  Flaunt your skills and great taste with a Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse Tart  or, if the oven is in over-drive, why not make a delectable frozen treat?  You’ll have more than a few family fans after making a Cold Lemon Souffle for dessert.

For the Frazzled: Want to bring something to add to dinner, but are short on time?  Here are two great ideas that take an hour or less: whip up a Sweet Potato Pie or try this Pecan Caramel Tart Recipe.  These recipes may be short on prep time but they sure aren’t lacking in flavor or presentation.  No one needs to know that you made them in a matter of minutes!

For the Innovator: Are you the edgy interesting person that loves a new flavor combination?  Show off your taste for adventure with Pumpkin Candy Cups that are not quite pie and not quite candy…but all together scrumptious.  You could also make a Banana Rum Cream Pie that will have your in-laws drooling!

Do you have a signature pie recipe that you plan to make this Thanksgiving?  Please share it with us!


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