Custom Sleep Number Perfect Comforter Newlywed Giveaway!

Newlywed ToesSo you already have a comforter and you’re not seeing the value of a custom Sleep Number Comforter…are you crazy?!  Winter is about to begin (officially on December 21st) and it will more-than-likely be another long and cold one. In most parts of the country right now it’s freezing outside and what could be better than a warm, cozy comforter to keep you warm when you retire for the evening?  The Sleep Number Comforter is a dream come true for anyone (even those of you living in warm climates) as you get to customize the fill and warmth to fit with ANY temperature!

Sleep Number has teamed up with to offer one of our newlywed blog readers the chance to win a completely customized Create Your Perfect Comforter (A $280 value)! The Sleep Number Create your Perfect Comforter is the ideal solution for couples who disagree on bedroom temperature as each side of the comforter can be customized. You get to choose the fill, customize your warmth level and then relax with your perfect comforter. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and blanket wars!

Ready to win our cozy December giveaway? Leave a comment on this, or any of our Newlywed Bed Posts on Mondays this month and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Tell us all about why you and your spouse should win this custom comforter. We’d love to know what lengths you’ve gone to to solve your temperature differences. The randomly selected contest winner will be announced on December 31st!! If we don’t hear back from the winner within 2 weeks, we will randomly select a new winner to make sure someone ends up with this great goodie!

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Also, if you’re in the mood for newlywed bed giveaways, you can win a memory foam bed, a Flexfit adjustable base, and $500 in Sleep Number bedding through Sleep Number’s holiday sweepstakes at:

8 thoughts on “Custom Sleep Number Perfect Comforter Newlywed Giveaway!

  1. Christina

    This would be ideal for my husband and I–he is always hot and I am always cold, usually meaning in the summer I have to be nowhere near him (he also has a fan directly on his face), and in the winter I get a small space heater on my side of the bed while he sleeps rather… ahem… unrobed. ;)

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  3. abi

    We both tend to like the room a little chilly so that we can snuggle under the covers to go to sleep. Currently we have several layers on our bed so that if one of us gets too hot we can just pull down a layer on our side of the bed. Our other REAL challenge is that our bedroom is really only heated by a small electric space heater and we live in cold PA.

  4. Cathy B

    though I live in the south, the temperature frequently changes. We do not know what to put on the bed.. I usually have 3 different types of blankets at the end of the bed. Having one of your awesome comforters would be incredible….whether it’s yourself or your sleeping mate, many times we have different body temps. Sometimes I am t hrowing off the blankets & other times, snuggling up tight to the neck… your customized comforter will allow both! This is also because I have several life threatening spinal tumors compressing my spinal cord, and the doctors say it affects my body temperature.

    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com


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