Kissing: Not Just a Newlywed Past Time

Newlywed KissingThink long and hard, when was the last time you and your spouse really kissed?  I’m talking about a passionate smooch-a-roo, not just a peck on lips before you leave for work or when you get home.  Kissing is a wonderful way to connect with each other and can make you feel like a love-struck teenager! Nothing says I love you as much as a kiss out of nowhere, not to mention it could help keep your relationship young and fun.   A great kiss can lead to a full on make-out session and some steamy heat in the sheets!

According to Hilda Hutcherson, M.D. author of What Your Mother Never Told You About S-E-X, for some women, “Kissing is more intimate, than intercourse.” You may be asking yourself why?  Well, science tells us that kissing causes our bodies to release endorphins much like exercise, chocolate and other things that make us happy individuals.  In a recent Redbook Magazine poll, 79% of readers said they don’t kiss their husbands nearly as much as they’d like; 58% said they don’t kiss as much as they used to and 14% said they’re lucky to do it once a day. Wait, what?!  Come on ladies and gents, brush those teeth and get to kissing!  It’s a fact that our busy lives can cause stress and strain in our marriages, however; making a conscious effort not to allow life to get in the way of our relationships is the best we can do.

So, try this: Always kiss your spouse good morning, goodbye before work, when you come home, while you’re watching tv, before you go to bed… in bed. You get the idea, sneak in a kiss any time anywhere (within reason) as full on PDA could make others feel incredibly uncomfortable (i.e. when children are around or getting a wee-bit too touchy feely).  WebMD has a great article called Kissing: The Hot Love Habit That Makes You Both Happier full of giggly, fun, hot and sexy experiments for the 2 of you to try.  Believe me, they will keep the sparks flying like fireworks!

Tell us: Did this post make you realize it’s time to for more K-I-S-S-I-N-G?  Did you try any of these experiments and how did they make you feel as a couple?

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