Balancing Marriage And Guy Friends

Newlywed with Male FriendsRecently I ran across this great article about ways to remain happy in your marriage, and the article made a reference about married men and women, having friends of the opposite sex, so I wanted to share this with you and find out your thoughts! Platonic friendships seem to be very prominent and normal in some marriages, yet in others, it is something that is not looked at as Kosher. My husband and I both have friends (some old, some new) of the opposite sex that we will keep in touch with from time to time and see once in a blue moon.

At this point in our life, a best friendship with a member of the opposite sex that includes one-on-one bonding time may not be considered appropriate for us, however, we both agree that it is important to have friends of the opposite sex. We feel as though it’s healthy for us to be able to hang out with and converse with people- male and female, without feeling as though there are restrictions or jealous feelings between us! Personally, I have seen that men more readily accept a female having male friends, than a woman to accept a male having female friends. Let’s be honest, some of us women are like cats (at times I can be one of them),  we are naturally structured to be more territorial and yes maybe more jealous than a man, so we don’t want another woman to have a friendship or get too close to what is ‘ours’! For others this is a completely normal concept and neither husband nor wife is bothered by or has a problem with opposite sex friends.  I believe this is one of those topics that is completely situational, and based upon the individuals themselves in the relationship, and your personal feelings on the issue. No matter how you want to look at it, the bottom line comes down to your respect for one another and knowing your boundaries!

Be courteous and respectful of your spouse’s feelings.  If one of you isn’t comfortable with the other’s friendship with someone of the opposite sex, then you need to talk about it. Remember, communication is key to an amazing marriage! What are your thoughts on this? Do you and your spouse have friends of the opposite sex? Please share your thoughts!

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